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We Stay Strong in the Face of Adversity

For many of us the past few months and specifically the past 19 days have been tumultuous and stressful as our political climate has become increasingly anti-LGBTQ. Legislative and executive attacks made against our LGBTQ and allied communities have created a country that can feel less safe for us. We have seen legislation introduced at the state level in Minnesota that seeks to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ Minnesotans and make our trans youth less safe. At the federal level there has already been a travel ban on immigrants and refugees which affect LGBTQ immigrants.

There are credible sources that detail the potential for an impending executive order that would allow religious exemptions in all matters effectively overriding any nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people and other marginalized communities. To be clear, freedom of religion is important, it’s a part of what makes our country great. That's why it's already protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. We must oppose any policies that allow people to justify discrimination against LGBTQ people or anyone else. This executive order, in it's current draft state would do exactly that. We are monitoring this as it develops and have built a petition supporting LGBTQ equity in Minnesota. Additionally, tomorrow we are kicking off weekly Wednesday Actions at our headquarters to phone bank, write letters and organize around equality and fairness for ALL Minnesotans.

Our communities have faced political challenges like this before and we have endured and prevailed. We set out decades ago knowing that the fight for equity would not happen overnight and today we are faced, once again, with that realization. We strive ever forward to create a more perfect union with our fellow advocates for justice. Our fight continues, we know that together we make the impossible possible. We know that together, we are unstoppable. We must learn to center the humanity of those we see as other, we must fight for love. Join us as we work together to build equality for LGBTQ Minnesotans and to fight for justice for ALL.


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