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OFM Statement on Trans Student Protections

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On Wednesday February 22nd the Trump Administration decided to end guidance on protections for trans students under Title IX. It is imperative to protect our youth — including our trans and gender nonconforming  students — from discrimination and harassment. Removing the protection guidelines put in place under the Obama Administration puts trans students at risk for increased harassment and bullying. The goal of our schools should always be to provide the best and most inclusive education for Minnesota youth. Trans youth should be able to focus on their education and thrive in schools and not worry about discriminatory policies that police their bodies and invalidate their identities. It is unacceptable and deplorable to target trans and gender nonconforming students. This administration has again chosen to attack people for who they are and go after marginalized communities instead of expanding the promises of justice and equality.

While this administration’s decision to remove sensible guidelines for schools paves the way for discrimination against trans youth it doesn’t mandate that discrimination. Minnesota has the opportunity to lead in the way of protections for trans and gender nonconforming students. We have the responsibility to protect our youth and create inclusive learning environments. Let’s work together to ensure our schools are living up to the ideal that all students can go to a school where they are affirmed and can thrive.


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Statements from Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith can be found HERE.



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