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OutFront Action Saint Paul Mayor Endorsement

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OutFront Minnesota Action is proud to endorse Melvin Carter for Saint Paul Mayor.  OutFront Minnesota Action also screened three other candidates -- Pat Harris, Dai Thao, and Elizabeth Dickinson.  They are all good allies to our community.

We are happy that our community’s commitment to addressing inequality and systemic oppression, especially for Trans and Queer people of color, QTPOC, are reflected in Carter’s campaign and his vision for Saint Paul.

Beth Fraser, OutFront Minnesota Action Board Chair, said the following, “Melvin is an inspiring leader, especially when it comes to racial equity, and is a strong ally on LGBTQ issues. He understands that to truly have economic justice we must also address the discrimination against QTPOC and other marginalized communities.”

Carter responded to the endorsement with the following statement, "I'm honored to receive OutFront Minnesota Action’s endorsement. Their commitment to grassroots-powered organizing and equity-centered values have driven years of advocacy on behalf of the LGBTQ community. I look forward to being a strong partner with OutFront and the LGBTQ community as Mayor of Saint Paul."  

OutFront Minnesota Action encourages delegates to the Saint Paul DFL convention to support Melvin Carter through the endorsement process and all Saint Paul voters to volunteer with the campaign.

The purpose of OutFront Minnesota Action is to make LGBTQ equity politically feasible on a local and state level.


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