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OutFront Minnesota’s trans justice work takes many forms:

Individual Services

OutFront Minnesota regularly provides transgender Minnesotans and their families with information and referral in such areas as housing, health providers, job information, faith communities, legal rights and more. We provide peer support and mentoring to trans people, particularly through our Trans Folks, Friends, and Allies group. Our legal program has assisted trans individuals in filing discrimination complaints, appealing insurance denials, and securing correct identity documents. OutFront Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Program provides support to trans people who have experienced violence, assisting with filing police reports and with courtroom support.

Systems Change

OutFront Minnesota is a recognized leader in advocating for policies and laws that serve trans Minnesotans well. We have successfully worked for pro-trans reform through the Legislature, city halls, school boards, State administrative agencies, and more. We work to organize trans people and their allies throughout Minnesota to meaningfully take part in these efforts, particularly at our annual Lobby Day at the State Capitol each spring. Our Anti-Violence Program is at the forefront of efforts statewide to assure that crime victims’ service programs and shelters are accessible to trans people.

Education and Training

OutFront Minnesota staff travel the state to provide information to community organizations, faith groups, workplaces, advocacy organizations, school groups, police departments, and many others, regarding trans people and the issues of concern to them. While we are happy to try to tailor presentations to the needs of the anticipated audience, topics we cover with frequency include “trans 101,” public policy, service provision, legal issues, faith, and health care. We also organize trainings for trans people and allies on telling their stories, speaking publicly on trans issues, and more.